Rumors: Flysky new transmitters FT10/NV14

Flysky is preparing to release two new transmitters – FT10 and NV14. Lets take a closer look at them.

FS-FT10 (Paladin)

The FT10 is basically a reborn Flysky FS-i18 transmitter that was introduced back in the 2013 (!). This old new radio is full size TX with Hall Effect gimbals, colour LCD and FlySky OS. It will have 8 switches (2 of them 3-pos), 3 turning pots, 2 sliders on the sides and 4 additional trims. So a lot of the controls. This radio is rumored to have a new AFHDS3 protocol with overal latency minimized down to 3ms.

Some update, after the main release, probably will add a Bluetooth module for wireless communication and wireless trainer function. Also rumored to have some fancy wireless charging capability.

Let’s hope this radio will be released eventually.

Flysky FS-FT10 as shown in some of the latest expo:

The similarity between FS-i18 and FS-T10 is striking. Here is photo of the FS-i18:

Brand name: Flysky
Item name: FS-FT10 (Paladin)
Channel: 18CH
Built-in AFHDS 3
Internal AFHDS 3 for 2.4GHz Protocol3.5″TFT Color Touch Screen
With HVGA 3.5-inch TFT color screen, 320 * 480 dot matrix,LCD white backlight, capacitive touch screen (TBD)
Strong Anti-interference Capabilities
Stability with strong anti-interference capabilities with a focus on competitive use
Micro USB Port
Micro USB Port added for convienince and simulator use.
RF Module SupportSupport for other companies RF modules

Note:The product price and parameters has not been finalized and will continue to be updated.


FS-NV14 (Nirvana)

FS-NV14 is FlySky transmitter that came as result of the teamwork with UndergroundFPV (look at the Dark Knight/Nirvana transmitter). Flysky’s version will have some differencies. Probably will have proprietary Flysky OS firmware onboard and win have no external module bay. So far no more details are available. 


Brand name: Flysky
Item name: FS-NV14 (Nirvana)
Channel: 14CH
RF Module Bay
RF compatible module bay on rear side.
3.5″ Touch Screen
ST035T Standard LCD Module 320 x 480 dots 3.5in LCD with capacitive touch
OpenTX Firmware
Flysky FS-NV14 Nirvana system use OpenTX Firmware.
Built-in 2A Protocol
Internal AFHDS 2A (AFHDS 3 compatible)
Games Controller Design
Be designed so as to be more in line with a games controller when it comes to shape and ergonomics.

Note:The product price and parameters has not been finalized and will continue to be updated.

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