Frsky Horus X10 – lighter Horus X12S or advanced Q X7 ?

Frsky has announced their new radio transmitter – Horus X10. It has the outlook of the X7 and the features of X12S. It is lighter than Horus X12S and has some less features like no GPS and no 6-axis sensors and is powered by a Li-Po battery. Thus price range will be lower than X12S – around $330.

The new TX features hall effect gimbals, Frsky proprietary firmware (as in Horus X12S), menu navigation rotary wheel is similar as in Q X7. Horus X10 has external antenna and also two internal antennas, as well built-in upgraded iXJT Module.

We are waiting for more information.

Rotary encoder for menu navigation as in Q X7, T5 and T6 trims as in Horus X12S:

Sliders moved to the sides:

Listed @ HorusRC:

Preliminary features:

  • AudioSpeech Outputs (values, alarms, settings, etc.)
  • Full telemetry and real-time data logging
  • Antenna detection and SWR warning
  • All CNC 6ball bearings gimbals with accuracy hall sensor and extensible by stick ends
  • Built-in wireless trainer system
  • 6 position encoder for easier flight modes switch
  • Easy to set up models with FrSky FrOS operation system
  • MP3 Player and Speaker
  • Industrial High Resolution TFT Screen Readable Outdoors
  • Two internal and External Antenna selectable
  • Lighter than the X12S
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Available in 2 color options

Last update: 2017-07-19

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