ESC Firmware Guide

In this concise overview, we’ll explore the evolution of ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) firmware, listing each

BetaFPV SuperG NanoTX – first dual diversity ELRS TX

BetaFPV, in collaboration with the ELRS developer team, has unveiled another first in the market ELRS

Radiomaster Pocket Radio

Radiomaster has unveiled its latest creation, the Radiomaster Pocket Radio, a compact but feature-packed radio designed

Review: MEPS Space SZ F7 Mini FC

MEPS (Mepsking) is a new, but emerging manufacturer, making its mark in the RC industry with

Toroidal propellers

MIT researchers have developed a revolutionary new toroidal propeller design that promises to significantly reduce noise

HGLRC Thor Pro parallel charging board

HGLRC Thor Pro charger board is battery parallel charging board with protection fuses and a discharge

Radiomaster Boxer Radio

Radiomaster has released new radio called Boxer. This radio looks to be an evolution of the

Happymodel and BetaFPV ELRS receivers with TCXO

All ExpressLRS transmitters and receivers work on the certain frequency. Both devices must operate on the

HDZero FPV Goggles

The HDZero Digital FPV Goggles are officially released. They are the first digital goggles with HDZero

DIY ExpressLRS Transmitter and Receiver

ExpressLRS is gaining the popularity rapidly. There is a number of well known brands that are

Review: Jumper T-Lite V2 ELRS radio

New version of the Jumper T-Lite radio. What was changed, what is inside

List of brushless whoop/toothpick flight controllers

This is the list of brushless tiny whoop/toothpick style flight controllers with brief description and features

Happymodel EP1 Dual RX ExpressLRS receiver

Happymodel EP1 Dual RX is the very first full diversity ExpressLRS receiver in the market. It

Sub250 Nanofly16 toothpick

A new company called Sub250 has released their first toothpick type quadcopter Nanofly16. Nanofly16 is 1.6inch