Review: MEPS Space SZ F7 Mini FC

MEPS (Mepsking) is a new, but emerging manufacturer, making its mark in the RC industry with attractive and (yet to prove) reliable products. Among their latest offerings are three new F7 flight controllers, each catering to specific drone configurations. In this review, we will take a closer look at the MEPS SZ F7 Mini Flight Controller.


MCU: STM32F722
Gyroscope: Bosch BMI270
Input voltage: 3-6S Lipo
Serial ports: 5 UARTS
Weight: 5.2 grams
Mount size: 20x20mm
BECs: Integrated 5V/2A and 10V/2A dual BEC
Black Box: 16MB onboard storage

Package Contents

Inside the MEPS SZ F7 Mini FC package, you’ll find the Flight Controller itself along with two size silicone rubber grommets, a DJI Air unit compatible cable, an ESC cable, and a DIY ESC cable with custom connectors on the other end, offering compatibility with nearly any ESC available in the market.

Closer look

All the connectors and the soldering pads are located on the top side of the board.

On the bottom side of the board you can see the MCU, black box chip and three BEC’s.

The layout and the components remind me of something… more about it – read further.

The FC board features a VTX switch, allowing users to turn off and on analog image transmission with a single button on the remote control while the drone is on the ground or on the bench. This prevents overheating when the drone is stationary and lacks air cooling.

The board incorporates convenient solder pads for effortless connection of GPS with a compass. The pads for RX3\TX3 and SDA\SCL are placed nearby, simplifying the process of connecting peripherals.

MEPS SZ F7 Mini FC boasts numerous solder pads on the top right side, including pads for VTX – TX1 for SmartAudio connection, 10V and 5V pads for powering the VTX, pads for the camera – CC for camera control, and the option to power the camera directly from the battery using 5V or BAT pads. Additionally, TX2\RX2 and TX3\RX3 ports provide versatility for connecting various radio receivers or peripherals.

The well-positioned ports for cables further enhance the ease of installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup process for users. The top connector goes to the ESC and the bottom goes to the digital VTX.

Weighing in at just 5.2 grams, the MEPS SZ F7 Mini FC is lightweight, being about 2 grams lighter than full-size 30.5×30.5mm FCs.

Connection diagrams

MEPS SZ F7 Mini FC Pinout

Connecting the DJI Air Unit to MEPS SZ F7 Mini

Connecting the Receiver to MEPS SZ F7 Mini

MEPS SZ F7 Mini Flight Controller CLI DUMP and DIFF files:

Conclusions, wrap-up

In conclusion, the MEPS SZ F7 Mini Flight Controller presents itself as a suitable option for smaller quadcopters and racing setups due to its compact size and lightweight design. The use of the powerful STM32F722 MCU and the already proven to be reliable Bosch BMI270 gyroscope ensures stable performance and precise flight control.

With a black box featuring 16MB of onboard storage, this flight controller enables users to record and store flight data for further analysis.

The presence of a VTX switch allows convenient control of analog image transmission, preventing overheating during ground or bench operations.

One notable observation is the striking similarities between the MEPS SZ F7 Mini FC and the T-MOTOR F7 Mini flight controller. The shared features, such as the gyro, black box, VTX pit switch, and dual BECs, along with the remarkably similar layout, couldn’t go unnoticed. It raised questions regarding the relationship between MEPS and T-MOTOR. Whether T-MOTOR produces the FCs for MEPS or if MEPS drew inspiration from the T-MOTOR design remains unclear.

Additionally, upon connecting the MEPS SZ F7 Mini to the Betaflight Configurator, it became evident that the FC is based on the T-MOTOR F7 Mini – firmware target appeared to be the TMOTORF7. This fact further adds to the intrigue surrounding the origins and collaboration between the two manufacturers.

While the MEPS SZ F7 Mini Flight Controller offers notable performance and features, the similarities with the T-MOTOR counterpart raise questions about originality and innovation. Further clarification regarding the relationship between MEPS and T-MOTOR would be beneficial to understand the design choices and potential collaborations.

MEPS SZ F7 Mini Flight Controller can be purchased from MEPS:

Disclaimer: This item was supplied by MEPS (Mepsking) for a fair and unbiased review. MEPS never asked for a positive review and never influenced my opinion in any way. I’m trying my best to stay uninfluenced and give only my own opinion. All affiliate links if there are any help me purchase items for future reviews and tests.

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