Caddx Turtle Yellow/Black screen issue fix

There are numbers of users who have reported the Caddx Turtle stuck into the yellow screen, video freezing or no video feed at all. There are a number of the reasons that can lead to this malfunction. I will try list the most known of them and some possible solutions to them.

The list of the possible reasons of Caddx Turtle not working

1. Coaxial cable is unconnected, partialy connected or somehow loose. Try unplugging and then repluging or refitting the coaxial cable. 

2. Coaxial cable between the camera sensor board and the main board is broken. Inspect the cable, if there is visible damage to the cable then order and replace the cable.

Cable for Turtle V1:

Cable for Turtle V2:

3. Camera sensor module can be just broken. Ordering and replacing the camera sensor cann fix this. I would recommend to order the cable together with the sensor board. Video how to replace the sensor board: 

Sensor board for Turtle V2:

4. Components were stripped off in the crash or during installation on the main board or camera sensor board. Often the small capacitor near the one of the mounting holes is stripped off when installing into the stack. It is located too close to the hole and standoff most likely will push it away. This most likely will result the blank screen issue. Inspect your camera/main PCB board for missing components. Install the stripped/missing component (most likely it is a capacitor). The exact value is not so important and any common might work.

These capacitors are the closest to the mounting holes and can be easily damaged with nuts/standofts:

5. There is a chance you get a blank screen in the case of the failed firmware update. There is a guide how to restore (unbrick) the Caddx Turtle from failed firmware upgrade.

6. The main processing chipsed can get disconnected from the soldering pads. Usually this happens after the crash. There is a process called “reflow” to solder the processor back by using the specialized reflow owen, but you could try the last resort – putting your Turtle PCB board in your oven and backing it in 180°C for 7 min, SMD parts faced up. Solder points will reflow and it might start working again. Do this at your own risk! Dont forget to unplug everything, unsolder all cables from the board before inserting it into the owen.

7. There is a chance that you have received the faulty unit, dead on arrival. In this case I would recommend reaching out to the seller and trying to arrange a replacement under the warranty. See the Caddx letter below.


Here is the letter from Caddx about this matter:

Please share your case below in the comments – what issues did you have and how did you fix them?

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