Betaflight Configurator is no longer on Chrome Web store – download link

More than year ago Google has announced that it will shut down the support for Chrome apps on any platform except for Chrome OS. This means that Betaflight, Cleanflight, iNav configurators will no longer be on Google Chome Web Store and you will not be able to install that app to Chome browser. This day has come! Google closed the “app” section of the Chrome Web Store and you just simple can’t install any Chrome Apps anymore (well not exactly as you still can google down the direct link to the Betaflight Configurator and still install it, but this workaround will work only for short period time). 

But no worries! Betaflight team has prepared the solution for us. Betaflight Configurator can be downloaded as standalone application for Windows, Linux and MacOS systems. The latest version of the configurator can be found here: Intallation is simple – download the archived program package, unpack it to your hard drive and run the Betaflight-Configurator program!


The standalone application does not support automatic updating like the Chrome Web app did. But there will be a popup shown on startup of the configurator whenever there is a newer version available, and you will be directed to visit the release page and download / install the new version.

The same story with iNav, BlHeli, Cleanflight and other configurators. Here are the links for download standalone configurator releases (some are not ready yet):

Betaflight configurator download link:

ButterFlight configurator:

iNav configurator:

BLHeli configurator:

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