Flysky new transmitter Nirvana NV14

FS-NV14 (Nirvana)

FS-NV14 is FlySky transmitter that came as result of the teamwork with UndergroundFPV (look at the Dark Knight/Nirvana transmitter). Flysky’s version will have some differencies. Probably will have proprietary Flysky OS firmware onboard and win have no external module bay. So far no more details are available. 

Flysky FT10 and NV14 transmitters were listed on the Banggood for a brief period, but later were unlisted with the unknown reasons.

Edit 2018-08-08: Flysky official representative is explaining about the Open Source Nirvana TX firmware:

“The firmware is in a private github repo however it will be moved to the public repo likely in a few days. As always OpenTX is free however they are always open to donations from anyone who wants to help out! 😀

The undergroundFPV team is making a few changes to the version that will be on the radios bought from them, however flysky will be sticking with what OpenTX provides us. After that OpenTX may or may not push the changes to the normal version in future at their discretion. 

Just to be clear, this is still OpenTX, any additions to it, regardless if added by our team at flysky or by opentx, are still free for anyone, or any company to use as they wish. Such is the joy of open source”


Brand name: Flysky
Item name: FS-NV14 (Nirvana)
Channel: 14CH
RF Module Bay: RF compatible module bay on rear side.
ST035T Standard LCD Module 320 x 480 dots 3.5in LCD with capacitive touch
OpenTX Firmware: Flysky FS-NV14 Nirvana system use OpenTX Firmware.
Built-in Internal AFHDS 2A module (AFHDS 3 compatible)
Game Controller Design
Be designed so as to be more in line with a games controller when it comes to shape and ergonomics.

Note:The product price and parameters has not been finalized and will continue to be updated.


Update history:

2018-07-10 – updated description, specs.

2018-08-08 – updates about the dedicated OpenTX firmware


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