FrSky FrBLS_30A – first FrSky ESC

FrSky introduced their first ESC – FrBLS-30A. This ESC is based on EMF8BB2 MCU and runs BLHeli_S. Supports OneShot 125, OneShot 42, Multishot, DShot 300 and DShot 600 modes. Rated for constant current 30A and up to 45A in burst mode. It has a farm of 470uF ceramic capacitors. ESC supports 3-6S batteries. Size is 32x14.6mm and weight of the ESC is only 4.6g.

So there is nothing super special in these ESC’s except that it is the first ESC from well known company of FrSky. We should expect high quality and reliability from them.



They are listed @ Banggood:

Pack of 4pcs:

Listed @ HorusRC:

User manual:

Product page:


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