FrSky Long Range System for cheap

Last chance to get into Long Range for cheap! You can order R9M or R9M Lite combo with R9MM receiver for only $29.99 until the September 30

I recommend getting this promotional combo from HorusRC. It is Premier dealer, ships worldwide and has free shipping options for the most of the countries. Mine were shipped and arrived without problems.

R9M and R9MM combo:

R9M Lite and  R9MM combo:

You can find all the promotional combos in this listing:


If you don’t have FrSky transmitter (yet), don’t be upset, just order this R9M (JR case) and R9MM receiver combo for any compatible transmitter (Jumper T12, Turnigy 9XR Pro, etc). You’ll probably will not be asked for any confirmation on the owning any of the FrSky transmitters. At least I didn’t have to.


Frsky is promising that everybody, who will preorder R9 LRS with promotional prices will get it in October:

“We’re SERIOUS about the R9!
Due to our short notice with the September #promotion campaign, many of our dealers haven’t prepared enough stock to fulfill orders. Additionally, our material supply chain cannot keep up with the overwhelming demand, therefore many customers cannot successfully place their orders.
But, not to worry because #FrSky pledges to fulfill every R9_combo purchased at the ongoing sale price by providing sufficient combos to our participating dealers (up to 5000 combos for each). All pre-orders placed with those dealers before September 30, 2018, will receive the R9 Combo at the promotional price of $29.99USD, and your order will be fulfilled regardless of current stock. (Please understand that in order to fulfill all purchases, the expected shipping date will be October.) 
We sincerely value our customers and want to make this system available to everyone.
Find Dealer – “


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