FrSky new ACCESS protocol

What is ACCESS?

FrSky ACCESS is newly developed RC control and telemetry communications (Advanced Communication Control, Elevated Spread Spectrum) protocol.

FrSky ACCESS main functions and features

  1. Supports 8, 16 and 24 channels (Full range)
  2. Super Low Latency:
    • 8 channel mode: Latency 11ms
    • 16 channel mode: Latency 22ms
    • 24 channel mode: Latency 22ms
  3. Increased control/ telemetry range:
    • 8 channel mode: Control upstream rate increased 40% / Telemetry downstream rate increased 60%
    • 16 channel mode: Control upstream rate increased 40% / Telemetry downstream rate increased 60% 
    • 24 channel mode: Control upstream rate increased 40%
  4. Smart ShareTM functionScenarios:
      • A user has 3 different FrSky radios for each type of aircraft and would like fly them all with a single radio. The user has already bound to the receivers, they do not need to access the bind button on the receiver.
      • RC Competitors often carry a back-up radio just incase something happens to the primary radio. In this case the pilot can switch to the 2nd radio without accessing the bind button on the receiver.
      • Clubs that own and operate community special purpose planes like planes for towing gliders up to altitude will no longer have to have 1 designated radio for that plane. Each authorized pilot will be able to use his or her own FrSky Transmitter with their own unique identification ID.
      • A user that wants to share a model with a friend can now allow the user to bind to the model without access to the bind button. When the model is returned, it can simply be re-binded without accessing the bind button.


  5. Smart MatchTM feature. Additional identification of the receiver to match the transmitter.

  6. Trio ControlTM feature. Controlling up to 3 receivers for one model. 



Q: What is Smart MatchTM ?
A: Now you get extra security before you fly. Smart MatchTM acquires dual certification from your receiver and your transmitter to give you double the protection.

Q: What is Smart ShareTM?
A: Now you can bind multiple transmitters to a receiver and Smart ShareTM assures that you have a unique certification for each transmitter. If you fly competitively you can set up two identical transmitters and have a spare one ready to go in the event you need it. No need to find the bind button on the receiver. It’s all ready to go. Many clubs have trainer aircraft to help new modelers. Now it is easy to allow authorized multiple transmitters to bind with the trainer aircraft receiver.

Q: What is Trio ControlTM?
A: ACCESS allows one transmitter to control the signal and/or telemetry for up to 3 receivers per model. Receiver redundancy provides an extra layer of safety when flying larger models.

Q: What frequency band will be supported by the new ACCESS protocol?
A: The FrSky ACCESS protocol will be applied to both 900MHz and 2.4GHz working frequency bands with different differences in performance. This will work cohesively with the new dual frequency products like transmitters, Tx modules, and receivers being released later.

Q: Can I update the previous FrSky products to the ACCESS protocol firmware?
A: All the FrSky transmitters are able to be updated to the ACCESS protocol, and the X, XM, RX and GX series receivers will be gradually added to the support list.

Q: Does ACCESS protocol support rollbacking to the ACCST?
A: No, this is the one-way update.

Q: Is there any differences between the old and new products when using the ACCESS protocol?
A: Yes. Some of the new functions like the Power Meter were developed and optimized with the new FrSky transmitters (e.g. Taranis X-Lite Pro). When it comes to wireless performance, the new upgraded RF module is built specifically to use the new ACCESS protocol. This will provide a superior link than if used on a standard module.

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