FrSky RXSRF3OM FC with integrated R-XSR

FrSky has released a new flight controller with integrated receiver – RXSRF3OM. It has R-XSR receiver integrated and connected to the FC via SBUS. Smart Port is also there. Mounting holes are 20x20mm – this makes this FC a good choice for micro quads.
It is pitty that FrSky decided to use F3 controller as MCU. F3 is going to be outdated soon. F3 is already struggling with some fancy new features that were added lately (like Kalman/BiQuad filtering). Another downside is MPU6050 gyro – it works via slow I2C bus and is capable only up to 8kHz refresh rate.
Also it would be great to see FrSky introducing FC with integrated RX, connected via FPort or even better – via SPI for direct connection (like Matek F411-One).
Anyway its great to see more flight controllers with integrated RX on the market.


  • Smart Port enabled
  • OSD configuration supported
  • Built-in accelerometer and gyro
  • Built-in F3 and R-XSR receiver module
  • Dimension: 27.4×27.4×5.6mm (L×W×H)
    20mm mounting hole spacing
    2.5mm mounting hole diameter
  • Weight: 4.5g
  • Operating Voltage: DC 3.5~12V
  • Operating Current: 150mA@5V
  • Channels: 16CH SBUS output (CH8 is RSSI output)
  • Hardware: STM32F303 CPU
    MPU6050 (Accelerometer/Gyro)
    R-XSR receiver module

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