Frsky Taranis X9D Plus Special Edition 2019

Frsky has released new 2019 version of Frsky Taranis X9D Plus and Taranis X9D Plus Special Edition. The main differencies are: Right side navigation buttons are replaced with scrollweel control, just like in Taranis X9 Lite. New internal radio module version, supporting ACCESS and ACCST protocols (D8 protocol is not supported anymore). Radio can be powered by 2pcs of Li-on 18500 batteries and they can be recharged via USB connection. And the 2019 version of the Taranis X9D Plus has upgraded internal processor MCU with increased computing capability and increased data storage. This should not only improve the performance of LUA scripts, but it also optimizes overall performance like voice speech outputs.

You can notice, that sliding power button was replaced by push button, as in all latest FrSky radios. Also we can notice additional momentary push button on the top left shoulder of the radio, usefull for DLG pilots to activate launch mode.

Frsky Taranis X9D Plus 2019 radio transmitter is available in Dark Blue, Ash White and classic Silver colors.

The SE 2019 version has also upgraded switches and M9 hall sensor gimbals and features the addition of a PARA wireless trainer function which makes them compatible with the FrSky Free Link App and AirLink S.

Frsky Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019 radio transmitter is available in Carbon and Dark Blue colors.

Taranis X9D Plus 2019/Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019 Manual


Taranis X9D Plus 2019 available @




Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019 available @ 



  • Dimension: 200*194*110mm (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 670g (without battery)
  • Operating system: OpenTX
  • Number of channels: 24 channels
  • Internal RF module: ISRM-S-X9
  • Operating voltage range: 6.5 – 8.4V
  • Operating current: 130mA@8.2V
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃ ~ 60℃  (14℉ ~ 140℉ )
  • Backlit LCD resolution: 212*64
  • Smart Port, Micro SD card slot and DSC Port
  • Mini USB interface: supports 2S Li-battery balancing charge
  • Model memories: 60 models (expandable by Micro SD card)
  • Compatibility: ACCST D16 and ACCESS receivers
  • Classic Taranis form factor design
  • Easy launch momentary button
  • Program navigation button
  • High-speed module digital interface
  • Installed with ACCESS protocol
  • Supports spectrum analyzer function
  • Supports SWR indicator warning
  • G9D potentiometer gimbal
  • Haptic vibration alerts and voice speech outputs
  • Supports wired training function
  • Supports PARA wireless training function (SE)
  • Compatible with FrSky Free Link App and AirLink S via mobile devices (SE)
  • M9 hall sensor gimbal and upgraded switches (SE)
X9D Plus and  X9D Plus SE 2019 comparison table
  Taranis X9D Plus 2019 Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019
Operating System OpenTX OpenTX
Communication Protocol ACCST D16 /ACCESS ACCST D16 /ACCESS
High-speed Module Digital Interface
SWR Indicator Warning
Spectrum Analyzer Function
Program Navigation Button
Easy Launch Momentary Button
Haptic Vibration Alerts
Voice Speech Outputs
2S Li-Battery Charging System
G9D Potentiometer Gimbal  
M9 Hall Sensor Gimbal  
Upgraded Switches  
Wired Training System
PARA wireless training function
  • PARA High-speed training system with a lower latency
  • Compatible with FrSky Free Link App and AirLink S via mobile devices

Edit 2019-07-31: LiOn 18650 batteries don’t fit. Only 18500.

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