FullSpeed Leader 3/3SE or Leader-130

After sucessful debut of the Leader-120 quadcopter, FullSpeed released the bigger brother – Leader 3 (or Leader-130). As you may guess the frame size is 130mm, and the suggested prop size is 3″, hence the name Leader-130 and Leader 3. Not only the frame is bigger, but the Leader 3 SE version also has nice canopy with several colors to select from. 

Leader 3 SE weights slightly more than EMAX Babyhawk-R with 3″ inch arms – Leader 3 weights 87g and Leader 3SE weights 93g (Babyhawk-R weights 86g ), but it has F4 flight controller, 28A 4in1 ESC supporting 2-4S, Caddx F1 micro camera and TX600 VTX with SmartAudio and power levels from 25mW up to 600mW. So, is it better than EMAX Babyhawk-R? Time will tell, but the specs are impressive.

Read the review of the Leader 3SE here.

Listed @ Banggood:

Leader 3SE: https://www.banggood.com/FullSpeed-Leader-3SE-130mm-FPV-Racing-Drone-PNP-F411-28A-BLHELI_S-25100200400600mW-VTX-p-1332592.html

Leader 3: https://www.banggood.com/FullSpeed-FSD-Leader-3-130mm-FPV-Racing-RC-Drone-F4-OSD-28A-BLHeli_S-48CH-600mW-Caddx-Micro-F1-PNP-p-1325019.html

FullSpeedRC: http://www.fullspeedrc.com/fsd-leader-3-3se-fpv-racing-drone-f4-28a-1106-2-4s-600mw_p0163.html?Sn=206A51675



Brand Name: FullSpeed
Item Name: Leader 3/3SE FPV RACING DRONE
Weelbase: 130mm
Net Weight: Leader 3(87g)、Leader 3SE(93g)
Thickness of bottom plate: 3mm
Thickness of side plate: 2mm
Flight controller: FSD F411 built-in OSD
ESC: FSD 28A BLHELI_S 2-4S 4in1 ESC Dshot600
Motor: 1106 4500KV
Propeller: HQ3x3x3
Camera: Caddx Micro F1
VTX: FSD TX600 25/100/200/400/600 switchable VTX

FullSpeed FSD F411 Flight controller
Size: 27.5mm * 27.5mm * 5mm
Mounting hole: 20mm * 20mm
MCU: STM32 F411
Built-in Betaflight OSD
Firmware: FULLSPEEDF411 Betaflight
BEC: 5V 3A

FullSpeed FSD 28A BLHELI_S 4in1 ESC
Size: 27mm * 27mm * 5mm
Mounting hole: 20mm * 20mm
Firmware: BLHELI_S
Input voltage: 2-4S
Continuous current: 28A
BEC Ouput: NO

FullSpeed FSD TX600 25mW-600mW VTX FPV Transmitter
Output power: PIT/25mW/100mW/200mW/400mW/600mW switchable
Control mode:BFOSD control(RX)/button
Video system: NTSC/PAL
Antenna: IPEX
BAT: 5V Recommended
Frequency: 5.8GHz 6 bands 48 channels, with Raceband: 5362-5945 MHZ
(TX600’s factory set up is on lock mode(5733-5866MHZ unlock). Please follow your local laws and regulations
if you need to unlock the frequency.)
Size: 26*26mm(L*W),Hole:20*20mm
Weight: 2.3g

1 x Leader 3/3SE frame kit
1 x FSD428 F411 28A Flight tower
4 x 1106 4500KV brushless motor
2 x HQ 3x3x3propeller (CW)
2 x HQ 3x3x3propeller (CCW)
1 x Caddx Micro F1
1 x FSD TX600 25mW-600mW VTX FPV Transmitter

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