iRangeX iRX-IR8M – multiprotocol transmitter

iRangeX announced one of the most interesting transmitters of the year – iRangeX iRX-IR8M. It is multiprotocol transmitter, capable of controlling most of the popular protocols, including: FrSky, FlySkyDSM/DSMX, FutabaHubsan, Syma, Hisky and also a number of other various chineese protocols that are used in toy grade quads. The shape of the transmitter resembles another sucessful product – TBS Tango transmitter. The main difference between them – Tango has JR type module bay, so you have to add the appropriate transmitter module for the protocol you will be using, while iRangeX iRX-IR8M has all the popular modules inside the transmitter! 

Manufacturer promises that the gimbals will be super smooth with 4 ball bearings. So this transmitters should outperform any other toy grade transmitter.

iRangeX iRX-IR8M specifications are unclear probably this transmitter will have 8 Channels (or maybe more), 30 models memory (or maybe more),  Transmitter can be connected to the PC via USB link for firmware upgrades (or maybe configuration also can be changed or copied).  Firmware most likely will be Deviation one but the spec are not final yet. 

Listed @ Banggod:

Item number: iRangeX iRX-IR8M

Band: 2.4GHz
Channels: 8
Color: White, Black (optional)
Mode: Mode 2, Mode 1 (optional)
Computer Radio: Yes
Outpulse: 1000-2000ms
Model Memery: 30
Modulation: “4 IN 1” CYRF6936, CC2500, NRF2401, A7105
Range: Full
Telemetry: Yes

Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type: 2S Lithium lon Battery/ 4x “AA” 1.5V

* i8X-IR8M transmitter can act like a USB drive. Managing models, configuration, icons, and themes is as easy as copying a file.
* Supporting for up to 255 different models in transmitter memory.
* Fully configurable themes including bitmaps, fonts.
* Flexible transmitter configuration, remap any switches or buttons to any purples. Also Virtual Channels for additional functionality.
* All text is localized, user-adjustable mode configurations (1, 2, 3 or 4)
* Smooth, quad-bearing gimbals, adjustable stick length and tension.
* Comfortable, no-slip tubber grips.
* Easy-to-read backlit screen.

*Support for multiple protocols without any modifications to the transmitter:

Cyprus: CYR6936: DSM/DSMX, JR Pro, Walkera DEVO
Texas Instruments: CC2500: Frsky, Futaba SFHSS
Amiccom: A7105: Flysky AFHDS2A, Hubsan
Nordic Semiconductor: NRF24L01: Hisky, Syma, Assan and mose other Chinese models.

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