LDARC AK103 AK123 quadcopters

LDARC (former KingKong) is releasing two new quads – AK103 and AK123. The AK103 has 109mm and AK123 has 122mm frame size.  They both are quiped with the same flight controller and RunCam Nano 2 camera. Lets look into the details of the both.


This quadcopter fits into so called toothpick category. It is based on the whoop form factor 25.5mm size F411E12A AIO flight controller and KKT XTV200 combo. Features unique 11015 (11mm x 1.5mm) sized 6100KV motors. AK103 is designed to be flown on 3S batteries. Comes with removable prop guards-bumpers and of course it has original KingKong 65mm props. Total weight without the battery is 51 grams and 42 grams without the bumpers.

AK103 is available @




The bigger brother AK123 has got the 122mm frame.  Also based on the same whoop form factor 25.5mm size F411E12A AIO flight controller and KKT XTV200 combo. AK123 got bigger 1103 6500KV motors and bigger 3 inch (75mm) 2-blade props. AK123 quadcopter is designed to run on 3S battery.

Weight without the battery is 55 grams.

AK123 is available @

Banggood: https://www.banggood.com/KINKONGLDARC-AK123-122mm-3S-3-Inch-Toothpick-FPV-Racing-Drone-PNPBNF-F4-FC-12A-Blheli_S-ESC-25200mW-VTX-Runcam-Nano2-Cam-p-1563027.html


LDARC AK103/AK123 User Manualhttp://15736572.s21d-15.faiusrd.com/61/ABUIABA9GAAgrcbi6wUo1ouPwAU.pdf


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