RadioMaster TX16S radio – another Jumper T16

Hobby Portter has announced new radio controller RadioMaster TX16S. It’s their version of the famous Jumper T16Hobby Porter and Jumper were partners during the developement and roll out phase of the Jumper T16 radio controller. Later, after a dispute, these, former partners, split the different ways but shared the intellectual property and agreed on producing their own version of the Radio. 

RadioMaster TX16S is basically the same Jumper T16 but with a numer of the improvements: 

  • CNC aluminum Hall gimbals (probably only the front plate)
  • Internal battery charging circuit with USB-C socket
  • Bigger battery compartment. Fits 2 x 21700 Lion batteries
  • USB-C data socket for connecting to the PC (instead of USB-mini)
  • Page back and forward buttons for easier navigation
  • 2 X UART ports for updates and DIY
  • Better quality switches
  • Better sliders with good center feedback
  • Improved speaker circuit (no noise)
  • Carrying case included

Available @ nowhere.

Rumored price: $129.99

Information about the OpenTX support for this radio from the OpenTX developers:

“…They are on our donor list as recuring donor, and yes, they have been working with us from day one, and while I cannot talk for the multi team, I believe they have been involved very early too.
   Like every radio we do support, they will be listed on the supported product page when a RELEASE version supporting those will be available, but I start wondering if we shoudn’t have a ‘coming soon’ section or something like that.
   Due to differences in hardware, this radio will need a firmware of its own and cannot run a T16 firmware for exemple. As development progresses, nightly firmware will become available, and then release, like every other radio…”


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