Rumors: Long range system R9 and R9M from Frsky

Frsky is preparing to release some new long range system based on 900/868 MHz frequency, consisting of a Tx module called R9M and an 8/16-channel receiver R9.

As you can see, the receiver R9 has an input “SBUS IN”, which should be an input for a satellite receiver. The same system as in RX8R.

Transmitter module is JR type with dip switch selectable output power from 10mW up to 1W.



  • 900MHz working mode ( 868MHz for EU areas )
  • Two auto-detected modulations of PXX or CPPM
  • Light weight combination
  • Long range ( 1.5KM@10mW and 10km@1W or farther ), low latency and high precision RC system
  • 4 optional RF power from 10mW to 1W (10mW/100mW/500mW/1000mW )
  • Self-healing ACCST frequency hopping link
  • Smart Port enabled, realizing two-way full duplex transmission


EDIT (2017-05-18): Now listed @ Banggood for $126.99:

EDIT(2017-07-19): Also listed @ HorusRC for $99:

EDIT(2017-07-26): There is uncertain situation if EU (LBT) version for 868MHz band will ever be released. We are holding the breath.

EDIT(2017-11-13): There are 3 new feature rich receivers announced for this Long Range System – RX8R Pro, R9 Pilot, R9S and R9 Slim


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