RunCam Hybrid camera

RunCam has released their version of the Caddx Tarsier. RunCam calls this camera Hybrid. This hybrid camera actually consists of two cameras – HD (digital) and FPV (analog). One lens is for HD sensor and one for fast FPV video sensor. The HD sensor is a Sony 8MP, the FPV sensor is also Sony 1.3MP. The HD lens is M10 size vs M8 for the FPV lens.  RunCam Hybrid has 4K@30fps, 2.7K@60fps, 1080p@120fps resolutions. FPV feed has low 6ms latency. Other features: adjustable shutter speed, adjustable ISO setting and setting the camera settings via scanning of the QR Code.

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HD sensor SONY 8MP
Analog sensor SONY 1.3MP
Field of View (FOV) HD Recording FOV 145°(FPV FOV: 150° @ 4: 3)
Video Resolution 4K@30fps / 2.7K@60fps / 2.7K@50fps / 1080P@120fps / 1080P@100fps / 1080P@60fps / 1080P@50fps
Video File Format MP4
TV Mode NTSC (720*480)/PAL (720*576) Switchable
Interface HD supports UART remote control; Analog supports UART fimrware update.
Max Micro SD CardSupported Up to 128G. U3 recommended (2.7K60/1080P120 requires U3 or above; other solutions require U1 or above) Please make sure that the file format of the SD card is FAT32, otherwise, it will easily cause errors.
Mounting Hole Distance 20*20mm
PCB Size 29*29mm
Lens Module Size 19*25mm
Lens Specs HD M10 Analog M8
Power Input DC 5-20V (Non-direct power supply from 4s battery or above. Powered direcly with battery will generate surges and burn the camera.)
Working Current 480mA @5V / 140mA @12V
Weight 18g


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