RunCam mini DVR

Another mini DVR was released, this time from RunCam. It is 20x20mm stack mountable DVR board with Micro SD slot and soldering pads. DVR has Video passthrough function. Records with 640×480 resolution at 30(NTSC) 25(PAL) frames per second. Recording has to be started/stopped manually by push button on the side of the DVR board.


User manual:

Model RunCam FPV DVR
Power in DC 3.3-5.5V
Work Current 250mA Max
Power out DC 5V @ Max 250mA
Video in CVBS@1Vp-p 75Ω
Video out CVBS@1Vp-p 75Ω
Resolution VGA@640 x 480@30(NTSC) 25(PAL) fps
Audio in MIC (?)
Micro SD Card Max 32G
Dimension 25 x 25mm @20 × 20 M2 holes
Net Weight 3.5g



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