RUSH VTX V1 40CH 5.8G 25MW 200MW 500MW AV Transmitter

A new interesting video transmitter – RUSH VTX V1. It is light – only 6.8g, has good power source filtering, selectable output power level (25/200/500mW) and a microphone on board.  One of interesting features of this VTX is MMCX (micro-miniature coaxial) connector for antenna pigtail. MMCX was chosen to save the space and weight. Chanell width was narrowed to only 20MHz so it introduces less intercferrence to the neighbour frequencies

The only concern is power and channel selection buttons – they are located on the top of the board and thus making hard to acces once installed into frame.


• New installation design makes use of installation position, transmitter can be put on flight controller by 4 pcs M3 screws ,players can built their own mini FPV system flexibly.
• The use of a small flexible flexible MMCX connector,transmitter can be arranged with antennas in any location ,no need to worry about the crash caused by the accidental damage.
• 25mW,200mW,500mW are preset ,they can be switched freely in multi competition or single flight ,no need to prepare multi transmission power transmitters in different occasion .
• With one key to turn off , in competition area, players can turn off transmitters to avoid interference to others . After closing it, it doesn’t have influence on changing frequency/power , switch on one key image transmission before competition.
• With frequency display mode ,no need LED light and dial switch ,you can read out real-time transmission frequency.
• A large amount of calibration in wireless compatibility  has been made for multi-men competition ,which makes RUSH V1 transmission has lowest interference to others , more men can take part in competition.
• Send bank card- sized frequency table , convenient to carry with , and can change settings at any time.


• Item Name: RUSH VTX V1 40CH 5.8G 25MW 200MW 500MW AV Transmitter
• Model:RUSH VTX V1
• Input voltage:7-25V DC
• Number of CH:40
• Transmitting Power:OFF/25mW/200mW/500mW
• Size(mm):37*37*8.2
• Weight:6.8g


• 1 * RUSH VTX V1 40CH 5.8G 25MW 200MW 500MW AV Transmitter
• 1 * 1.25T 5Pin connecting cable
• 1 * MMCX-SMA coaxial cable
• 1 * MMCX Transmitting Antenna
• 8 * M3 Mounting screw
• 1 * Frequency card
• 1 * Instruction

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