SerialShot – new protocol for ESC

Matek has developed new ESC protocol – SerialShot. The idea is to use bidirectional UART to communicate with the microcontroller on the ESC. This enables to communicate with the ESC and have a telemetry readouts by using only two wires (RX, TX) for all the 4 ESC’s. This should simplify the wiring of the 4in1 ESC to Flight Controller. Another advantage of the SerialShot is that it enables to use only one MCU for driving all 4 ESCs while usually every motor ESC has separate MCU and separate signal wire. 

SerialShot will simplify the 4in1 ESC design and probably make them cheaper to manufacture. It is not known if this protocol can be used for the separate ESC’s or if it can only be used for 4in1 ESC.

Matek has also posted a teaser photo of their first 4in1 ESC with only one F4 MCU that drives all 4 motors by using SerialShot.

 Here is the demonstration of the new Matek 4in1 ESC working on SerialShot.

Source: Instagram



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