SpeedyBee VTX & DVR in one

SpeedyBee has released 2in1 VTX-DVR unit. It is similar to HGLRC DVR-VTX unit, but with some differencies. This is 30.5×30.5mm mounting size board with Video transmitter and DVR unit in one. Video transmitter has Smart Audio ability, 25mW / 200mW / 600mW power levels, PIT mode and MMCX antenna connector. DVR is standart HMDVR-like unit, capable of recording 640×480 with 30/25 fps HTSC/PAL. There is also microphone on board, so DVR is also recording audio

No on board LED display, only the simple LED indicators for working modes, bands and onel led indicator for channels.

User manual: https://www.speedybee.com/product_images/download/SB-VTX-DVR-manual.pdf

Listed @ SpeedyBee: https://www.speedybee.com/speedy-bee-vtx-dvr/

Model Speedy Bee VTX-DVR
DVR Video in CVBS@1Vp-p 75Ω
Resolution VGA ( 640 x 480 ) @ 30fps ( NTSC ) / 25 fps ( PAL )
Audio Built-in MIC
Micro SD Card Max 32G
VTX Frequency Channel 5.8G 48CH
Output Power 25mW / 200mW / 600mW
Video Input Impedance 75 Ohm
Antenna Connector MMCX
  Power in DC 7-26V
Working Current DC 9V @Max 450mA
Power out DC 5V @Max 250mA
Net Weight 7.5 g (without antenna)
Dimension 36mm*36mm @30.5 × 30.5 M3 holes

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