TransTEC F7 Flight controller

TransTEC has announced their first flight controller with simple naming – TransTEC F7. This FC is 30x30mm sized board, based on F722 MCU, has MPU6000 gyro, accepts 3-6S battery input. One of the most interesting features is flat top PCB design, with pads for major RX types. You can even direct solder the FrSky XM+ or Crossfire Nano receiver to this FC. Another interesting feature is reversed, inwards facing ESC ribbon socket. 

     Read the review of TransTEC F7 here

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Flat top plate PCB design
Reversed ESC connector (facing inwards)
Low noise MPU6000 GYRO
Battery power filter
Selectable 5v/Bat for VTX and CAMERA
Direct solder the Frsky XM+ / Crossfire Nano RX
Rubber grommets for soft mounting
1.6mm thick PCB
REAL PIT VTX control
Input power: 3-6S
BEC: 5V 3A


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