Full Speed BAT-100 frame review

Let’s take look at the BAT-100 quadcopter frame from Full Speed. It is 100mm (actually it is slightly bigger – 103mm) sized frame. It is revised frame, designed for new Sunnysky 0705 motors. The earlier version was made for Racerstar 0705 ones, but these motors were having quality and performace issues and were discontinued afterwards. 

The bottom plate thickness is 1.5mm

and the top plate is 0.8mm thickness.

The distance between the bottom plate and top plate is 18mm. Two storey FC tower fits perfectly.

There is a room of about 25 mm for flight controller and ESC stack

Camera max width is 17.9 mm.

The weight of the complete frame is 7.7 grams.

Frame has 3D printed camera mount for small AIO camera. Camera mount is angled.

The motor mount is suitable for motors with 6.5-6.6 mm mounting holes spacing. Motors with smaller mount pattern, like 0705 motor from Racerstar or Boldclash will not fit this motor mount.

Sunnysky 0705 motors weight only 3 grams and have really long wires.

Flight controller mount holes pattern is 16×16 mm

On the bottom plate there are two tabs for battery rubber band.

Assembled but empty frame:

A video review of this frame [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_srHBkaKNI]:

This is the one of the lightest and fastest frames for 1S brushless quadcopters. Can be purchased at a price starting from $6.99 from here:

@ Banggood: https://www.banggood.com/Full-Speed-Bat-100-Frame-…-1190436.html

@ Gearbest: www.gearbest.com/racing-frame/pp_983291.html

@ FullSpeed RC: http://www.fullspeedrc.com/bat-100-frame-kit_p0086.html



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