Jumper T8SG Lite transmitter review

Jumper released budget model T8SG Lite of their flagman T8SG radio. Lets take a closer look at this transmitter.


Jumper is relatively young company, manufacturing RC products and mainly got well known when they have released their first radio control transmitter. They have introduced their first Jumper radio transmitter, called T8SG, in August, 2017. This radio was the first “all” protocols capable radio on the market with the built in multiprotocol TX module. This module had 4 RF chips – FrSky (CCc2500), Flysky (A7105), Spectrum/DSM(CYRF6936) and Bayang/most of toy aircrafts (NRF2401). Jumper T8SG had the Open Source Deviation firmware installed.  

Jumper T8SG first generation radio

These features were welcomed by customers and Jumper radios got popular very quickly.  However the first generation of Jumper T8SG radio had issues with gimbals, small LCD screen, USB port beeing burried inside the transmitter, ergonomics and other issues.  

So in the January 2018 Jumper has released new transmitters – Jumper T8SG V2 with upgraded gimbals, LCD screen, side scroll wheels and Jumper T8SG V2 Plus with hall gimbals, OLED screen and side scroll wheels.

Jumper T8SG second version

Jumper T8SG second version radio

Jumper T8SG V2 Plus

Jumper T8SG V2 Plus with Hall gimbals and OLED 

In the August 2018 Jumper introduced the T8SG Lite – the “Little brother” of the T8SG.

Jumper T8SG Lite

Jumper T8SG Lite

So much of the history, let’s jump to the Jumper T8SG Lite.

Jumper T8SG Lite

Lite version of the T8SG comes in a small box, with a chance to be broken in the severe postal processes. I have received the undamaged unit despite my package beeing totally crushed.

Inside the box we can find the transmitter itself, USB mini type cable and nice Jumper neck strap (lanyard).

There was no manual included in the package, but you can download the T8SG Lite quick start guide manual: http://www.hobbyporter.com/u_file/1808/file/84fee4f29b.pdf

Also you can use T8SG V2 User manual for Lite version as most of the Deviation features are the same: http://www.hobbyporter.com/u_file/1803/file/6b4871acd1.pdf

Jumper T8SG Lite has the same 1.7” LCD display as the T8SG V2 transmitter.

Two leds indicate the power on status of the transmitter also there is small speaker behind the small openings over the power button.

Once powered on you will be welcomed by Deviation firmware.

There are Enter/Select (the top one) and Cancel/Returm button (the bottom one) located on the left side of the T8SG Lite.

Navigation and value adjust buttons are on the right side.


There are pot and switch located on the each of the top sides. So this transmitter counts total 8 controls (4 axes, 2 pots and 2 switches). These controls can be assigned to the channels in the Deviation Firmware.

On the top of the transmitter you can find 3.5mm socket for trainer port or PPM output and mini USB socket for connecting with PC.  

There is no module bay on the back side of the transmitter. 

The 4 AA size battery bay opens vertically.

Size and feel

This transmitter is REALLY small! It easily fits in my hand! 

T8SG Lite is marginally smaller than Flysky FS-i6 transmitter.

There is very small distance (only 9mm) between the tip of the stick and the switch. This can be the problem for the pinchers.

Switch is impeding the fingers while pinching.

No problems for thumbers.

Side pots are in the inconvenient position. It would be more convenient if the side pots were on the top side of the transmitter.


The gimbals of T8SG Lite is toy grade gimbals similar to ones that can be found in the toy quadcopters.

The gimbals have short sticks with metal grips on the endings. They cannot be extended. 

Radio transmitter has gimbals intalled in MODE2 configuration. So the Throttle is on left. You can easily swap the gimbals to make MODE1.

The first problem with the gimbals is the left gimbal plastic rubs into the edge of the top cover and comletely binds to it at the rightmost position. This is annoying and may lead to unpleasent surprise while flying the aircraft.

My solution to this problem is adding some thin plastic washers on the gimbal mount.

Another dirty simple solution is to unscrew the two screws, holding the left gimbal side for just a half of the turn.


Another gimbals issue – they have noticeable deadband in the middle of the stick travel. 

Third issue – as the cut for the gimbal is in the form of the circle, you can’t get the maximum stick travel in the diagonal stick travel. Below is the photo of the right gimbal values when the stick is at the top right “corner” – you’ll get about 83-85 percents while the  maximum values should be 100 and 100.


Radio can be easily disassembled by unscrewing 6 screws. Everything is mounted to the top part of the shell – gimbals, pots, switches, LCD and PCB. 

Antenna is 2.4GHz dipole antenna with bell.

RF module is made of CC2500 chip and RXF2401C PA/LNA amplifier chip. 

Main MCU is ARM STM32F103RCT6 and is used in all Jumper radios. 

All the gimbals, pots and switches are installed in separe PCB boards and connected with the mainboard via ribbon cables.

From the front side of the mainboard we can locate trim buttons, haptic vibration motor, buzzer and control buttons. LCD is 1.7″ size with 128 x64 px resolution. The same display as in Jumper T8SG V2.

Neck strap hook is not well balanced, radio leans towards front when hanging on the lanyard. However I don’t think anybody will be using the neck strap for this radio as it is very small and light.

Available @ https://www.banggood.com/Jumper-T8SG-Lite-…-Radio-Transmitter-p-1338229.html

Quick Start Guide for Jumper T8SG Lite: http://bit.ly/Quick-Start-Guide-for-Jumper-T8SG-Lite

Deviation User Manual for Jumper T8SG series radios: http://bit.ly/Deviation-User-Manual-For-Jumper-T8SG


  • Small lightweight radio
  • Cheap, but not the cheapest
  • Runs Deviation TX firmware


  • Toy grade gimbals
  • Deadband in the center of gimbals
  • 3-way switches touch the fingers while pinching
  • Pots positions are inconvenient
  • Questionable selection of Frsky module


This is toy grade transmitter with super simple gimbals. There is a noticeable deadband in the middle of the gimbal sticks travel, that can be noticeable for advanced pilots, but can be bearable for beginners. The choice of the RF module with FrSky and Futaba protocols is really questionable as these systems are mostly used on higher end systems. It would be more reasonable to have Flysky or the module that controls most of the toy quadcopters (Syma, Bayang, Wltoys, etc).

The fact that this small transmitter runs Open Source Deviation firmware opens the posibilites to mod this radio for other protocols or anything the hobby enthusiasts would think of.

Jumper T8SG Lite could be an option for the youngest pilots-beginners as their first radio, helping with the first steps into the magnificient world of the RC hobby.

Disclaimer: This item was supplied by Banggood for a fair and unbiased review. Banggood never asked for a positive review and never infuenced my opinion in any way. I’m trying my best to stay uninfluenced and give only my own opinion. All affiliate links, if there are any, will help me purchase more items for independent reviews.

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