Review: RobotDog 2205 2300KV motors

RobotDog is a new line of the budget products released by These motors have 22x5mm size stator and comes in two KV options 2300KV and 2500KV. Lets take a closer look at the RobotDog 2205 2300KV motors.

Motor bell design reminds some old EMAX motor bell design. However the similarities ends here. This is totally different motor with some modern technologies used.

The motor windings are made of multistranded wire. The air gap between the stator poles and magnets is pretty small, this provides stronger mgnetic field. Magnets are flat (are not arced), but this is common for a budget motors.

Motor has so called “Open Base” design. This design reduces the motor weight due to smaller base and enables better cooling.

Motor prop shaft is solid and is made from the same aluminum piece as the rotor. Motors come only in CW thread. Some will like it, some will not it is more of personal preference is you like to have CW/CCW motors or CW all 4 of them. 

Motor wires are 20AWG and are really long – 110mm. You can connect motors to the 4in1 ESC without prolonging the wires even on 230mm size frame. 

Motor mount pattern is 16x16mm. This is the latest trend of motor pad mount holes placement.

Motor weights only 27.8 grams including 20AWG gauge 110mm length motor wires.

Motor can be easily dissasembled just by taking out the c-clip. However I don’t recommend to start dissasembling the motor unless it is really needed. Especialy the beginner pilots. You will likely end up destroying the fragile c-clip. 

Motor bell is made from the two parts, blue anodised aluminum and black ring. Magnets are glued inside the slots. This design should keep them in place pretty strong.

Inner shaft size is 3 mm. It is fixed to the rotor by small screw grub. This is quite common design.

Total height of the motor is 31.5 mm.

Propeller shaft height is 14 mm

Set of motors, that was sent to me did not have motor mount screws. However, FPVModel listened to the users feedbacks and included the screws in the later batches of motors. 

I have made static thrust test with 4S and 5S battery and 4 props from 2-bladed DAL 5045 up to 3-bladed DAL Cyclone 5046. Motor showed decent power output and high efficiency upping to 3 g/W on the full thrust with DAL 3-bladed 5046 propeller.

Motor burned out on thrust test with 5S battery, so maximum power should not exceed 450W.

Live motor thrust test datasheet:

RobotDog RD2205 2300KV Static Thrust Test video:



  • Open base design
  • Lightweight
  • Decent power output
  • Efficient
  • Long motor wires
  • Inexpensive


  • Bell design reminds some old-fashioned Emax motor desing


Nice motors with the double feelings – modern open base design with the bell that reminds some old Emax motor design. Despite the old fashioned bell, motor is pretty lightweight (27.8 g). Thrust test showed decent results reaching up to 1.1Kg of thrust with DAL Cyclone prop on 4S battery. I  killed ☠ the motor while testing the thrust on 5S battery, so 3S-4S batteries should be used with this motor only. These motors have long motor wires and will be easy to wire up the 4in1 esc in the larger frames, even on 230-250mm sized frames.

My personal conclusion – RobotDog RD2205 motor fits perfectly for beginner and intermediate pilots.

Disclaimer: This item was supplied by FPVModel for a fair and unbiased review. FPVModel never asked for a positive review and never infuenced my opinion in any way. I’m trying my best to stay uninfluenced and give only my own opinion. All affiliate links, if there are any, will help me purchase more items for future reviews.


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