Rumors: Jumper T-Pro radio

Jumper is preparing to release new gamepad style radio presumably called T-Pro. On the early photos you can see that its design is clearly similar (“inspired by”) TBS Tango 2 and/or DJI Remote Controller V2 radios.

It most probably will have internal 4-in-1 multiprotocol900MHz (and/or 2.4GHz?) ExpressLRS modules with foldable and non removable antenna that can’t be oriented vertically (the recommended position of the dipole antenna should be vertical)

Jumper T-Pro will have the same gimbals as on the Jumper T-Lite radio, navigation scroll wheel as on TBS Tango 2 and three menu control buttons. There are two trimmer joystick switches and the neck strap hook in the middle. 6-pos push buttons are located on the top side of the radio. T-Pro is equipped with 128×64 monochrome LCD screen.

There will be two 3-pos toggle switches (similar as on TBS Tango 2), two momentary switches and two slider pots.

Jumper T-Pro will have JR Lite (nano) TX module slot for Multiprotocol or TBS Crossfire/Tracer modules.

A video of the working prototype:

We hope there will be 2.4GHz ExpressLRS version of this radio.

Available @ nowhere yet.

Source: Facebook


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