Rumors: Eachine EV300D goggles

Eachine is about to release the new EV300D goggles. Following the success of the EV200D goggles, these goggles also have dual diversity receiver system, similar shape and format. The main difference is in the LCD microdisplays. They are rumored to have 1280*960px resolution. This means the goggles will have native 4:3 aspect ratio! Aspect ratio can be switched between 4:3/16:9. EV300D will have the same wide 42° FOV as EV200D. IPD is adjustable in the 56-72mm range.

Release date: soon

Resolution  : 1280*960
FOV : 42° diagonal
IPD : 56-72mm
Ratio : 16:9/4:3

FOV 42°
Built-in DVR
USB power supply
Resolution 1280*960
7.4V battery with LED indicator
Aspect ratio 16:9/4:3,Default display is 16:9
Supported display mode: HD Port in 2D/3D; AV in 2D/3D
IPD adjustable 56mm-72mm: Adjustable,wide-ranging IPD,suits more pilots
Optional diopter lens,compatible with Fatshark diopter lens,200/400/600 degrees selectable
With Fan, can defog the glasses for good visual experience.
Dual true diversity,supports open source RX modules

Source: Facebook

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