Guide: Flashing the firmware to bricked RunCam 5 via computer

RunCam 5 firmware update failure?

If you have tried to upgrade the RunCam 5 camera firmware, but somehow the update process failed, your camera will most likely end up beeing bricked. Bricked camera indications:

  • Won’t power up when holding the power button.
  • Won’t power up when plugged into 5V.
  • Computer doesn’t recognize it if plugged by USB cable. 
  • LED turns red if I plug it in to a 5V source, but does not start up.
  • A reset holding down the power button and pressing reset does not help. 
  • A hard reset with it plugged into 5V does not help

Restoring the bricked RunCam 5

Try the following steps to flash the firmware via computer:

  1. Install this iCatch PC driver to your computer: .
  2. Hold the reset button and at the same time connect it to computer via USB port. Then you will see two devices in device manager as shown below:
  3. Open the link: and unzip the files and find FRM.exe and start it:
  4. Set the options as shown in the screenshot below and click ISP button. The flashing starts. A few minutes later, it will show ISP finished and flashing is done.

Source: Facebook, RunCam website.

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