OpenTX Radio not working in simulator issue fix

The issue with the OpenTX Radios not working as Joystick controller while connected via USB 

One of the recent Windows 10 updates (the KB4515384 one to be precise) affected the drivers of USB devices and particularly Radios, running OpenTX, stopped woking with flight simulators. Some radio remote controllers may no longer be recognized correctly as HID device (Joystick). Those affected remotes can be FrSky Taranis X9D, Taranis Q X7, X-Lite, X9 Lite, Jumper T12, T16 and others. This issue is still existing as I myself just ran into this problem after I reinstalled my notebook PC.

The symptoms of this issue are:

    • No Joystick device seen in “Set Up USB Game Controllers” window (Start -> Search -> enter “Set Up USB Game Controllers”) when Radio plugged into PC.

    • Device Manager shows plugged in Radio as “BETTER_USB_HS” device (sounds ironic, doesn’t it?)


How to fix the Windows 10 driver to make OpenTX radios work in the simulators

To get your remote controller working again, you should do the following steps:

Open Device manager (Start – > Search “Device Manager”)

Right click on the “BETTER_USB_HS“device, that is in the libusb-win32 devices group select the “Properties“.

In the “Driver” tab click “Update driver” button.

Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Then “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”.

Then select the “USB Input Device” instead of the “BETTER_USB_HS“.

Driver information should change into this:

Thats it! You have fixed the USB driver issue. Now when the radio, running OpenTX, will be plugged to the PC, you should see it as USB Input Device in the Device Manager:


Also “FrSky Taranis Joystick” device should be seen in the Game Controllers list in the “Set up USB Game Controllers” window.

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