Betaflight: The end of F3 flight controllers

Announcement: Betaflight to end the active development for STM32F3 based flight controllers

 For a while now, development of Betaflight for flight controllers based on the STM32F3 chip has been hampered by a severe limitation that this chip has: Unlike the STM32F4 and STM32F7 models, the STM32F3 versions that are used on flight controllers have only a very limited amount of flash space available to fit the firmware into. This has meant that, starting from around version 3.3, the majority of the new features that were developed for Betaflight could not be added to STM32F3 based boards. Even worse, due to improvement in basic features, other more and more of the less commonly used features had to be removed from these flight controllers, and a number of them are at a point where they only support the bare minimum of functionality required to make them fly.

 This means that, even if we kept supporting STM32F3 based boards in future releases, there would only be little advantage in this, as there simply is no space left on STM32F3 to add any of the new features that these releases will contain.

 For this reason, and because the effort required to remove features from STM32F3 based flight controllers on a weekly basis is cutting into the time that we have to actually develop new features, we have decided to drop support for STM32F3 based flight controllers after the last release of 4.0.

 This does not mean that it won’t be possible to use these flight controllers after this point in time – they will still work fine when used with the last release of 4.0, just as there are thousands of users who are still enjoying their STM32F1 based flight controllers with Betaflight 3.2.5. We will also strive to keep these versions supported in new releases of configurator, so that users still using these flight controllers will be able to configure them with the same configurator that they use to configure their STM32F4 and STM32F7 based boards.


Source: Facebook BETAFLIGHT

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