Caddx ANT Lite (FPVCycle edition)

Caddx, with a help of Kabab (, have released the Ant Lite nano camera. It is lighter version of the Caddx Ant. The Ant Lite 4:3 uses the same electronics and sensor as the standard Caddx Ant camera. The difference is the lens and the lens mounting to the the PCB. Regular Ant has 14mm wide mount with holes for Nano cameras, while Ant Lite has bare lens attached to the PCB. This minimizes the weight down to 1.7g.

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Lens: ~1.8mm lens
FOV: 165°
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Plug for wires and OSD settings
14x14mm PCB
13.5mm from back of PCB to end of lens (not including connectors)
10mm lens end diameter
Weight: 1.7g

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