Caddx Loris 4K FPV camera

Caddx has released another split type 4K FPV camera called Loris. It is capable of recording the 4K/60fps (!) HD recordings and providing the FPV feed to the goggles simultaneously. It is the smallest 4K FPV camera to the date with the total weight of only 10g. Loris camera module is 14x14mm size and single main PCB has 25x25mm whoop mounting pattern. 

Caddx Loris pinout diagram

The first appearance of the Caddx Loris will be in iFlight Alpha A85 whoop.

Available @



Field of view: 160°
Bitrate: 80Mbps
Weight: 10g

The original Loris seen in the wild:

Boring a server to death - The Slow Loris Attack - DEV


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