Rumors: DJI Action 2 camera

New DJI Action 2 camera specifications were leaked out. DJI is preparing to release new Osmo Action 2 camera with improved specs and different form factor.

DJI Action 2 camera will have new 1/1.7 sensor, 155 degree FOV, better low-light performance, RockSteady Digital Video Stabilization V2.0, bigger battery life plus external battery module, improved/upscaled built-in audio quality. Camera supports resolutions up to 4K / 60fps with the aspect ratio of 4:3.

Camera dimensions 39x39x22.3mm and weight is 56 grams.

DJI Action 2 camera will have attachable LCD display with extended battery. Extended battery allows to record up to 195min.

Possible photo of the new camera.

DJI Action 2 specifications:

Source: Twitter


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