EMAX Babyhawk R PRO

EMAX has introduced the new PRO version of their famous Babyhawk R quadcopter

The main upgrades are: Babyhawk R PRO now comes with unibody 120mm frame, that fits the AVAN Rush 2.5 inch props, new version of F4 Mini Magnum 2 lite flight controller, 25amp 4in1 BLHeli_32 ESC.

Babyhawk R PRO has changed the camera from Foxeer Micro Arrow CCD to EMAX edition Caddx S1 CCD camera. 

Other goodies: 2 programmable RGB leds, 5 UARTS (although questionable statement!), On-board current sensor, Smart audio controlled VTX with MMCX antenna connector. EMAX states, that Magnum Mini 2 FC has 5 UARTS, however it is only partially true. F4 MCU is really capable to provide 5 UARTS, but there is no extra UART Tx/RX pads available on the board. The available ones are already used – one for SBUS/PPM other for SmartAudio and there is no free TX/RX pads for Telemetry or Frsky F-port or connecting the CrossFire! So have this in your mind!

We all are curious how much does it weight, but no available information about weight yet. Babyhawk R Pro weights 91.5 grams without battery. So it is even heavier than 3″ inch Babyhawk R (86.5 grams)

Be warned that this Babyhawk R Pro version has the same RS1106 6000KV motors as in previous Babyhawk R version, so 4S batteries could be too much for Avan Rush 2.5 propellers. That’s why it is rated 2S-3S only

Listed @ 

Banggood: https://www.banggood.com/Emax-Babyhawk-R-Pro-2_5-Inch-120mm-FPV-Racing-Drone-PNPBNF-Magnum-F4-25A-Blheli_32-Smart-Audio-VTX-p-1348185.html

EMAX: BNF https://www.emaxmodel.com/pre-order-emax-babyhawk-r-pro-120mm-f4-magnum-mini-5-8g-fpv-racing-rc-drone-3s-bnf.html

EMAX: PNP https://www.emaxmodel.com/pre-order-emax-babyhawk-r-pro-120mm-f4-magnum-mini-5-8g-fpv-racing-rc-drone-3s-pnp.html

Technical Specifications:

    • Model: EMAX Babyhawk R Pro 2.5 BNF
    • 120mm unibody frame with PC durable canopy/pod
    • Mini Magnum F4 2 lite 
    • 25amp 4in1 BLHeli_32 ESC 20×20 mounting
    • On board ESC Current Sensor
    • F405 Matek HEX Target using Betaflight OSD
    • 5 available Uart ports
    • 2 onboard RGB programmable LED’s
    • 1106 6000kv Brushless Motors
    • EMAX Rush 2.5 inch propeller
    • 25-200mw FCC compliant VTX with Raceband Channels
    • Smart Audio control feature 
    • MMCX Connector
    • D8 channel receiver
    • EMAX/Caddx S1 CCD FPV Camera
    • AUW without battery 91.5 grams
    • Camera Tilt Angle: 20-70 degrees
    • Recommended Batttery for optimal flight 450-650mah 3s lipo min 50C burst rated


    Updated: 2018-09-06

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