EMAX ECO Series 2306 motor

EMAX has announced of their newest motor series – ECO. As you may guess by the name it is targeted for budget builds. The introductory market price is only $11.99. It makes the cheapest EMAX motor that is manufactured currently. 

EMAX ECO series motors comes in 2306 size and in two KV options: 1700KV for 6S battery setups and 2400KV for 4S battery setups. Motors features large 9x4mm size ball bearings, hardened stainless steel hollow shaft, lightweight bell and open base motor design. 


Available @:

Emax website https://www.emaxmodel.com/ec0.html

Bangood https://www.banggood.com/Emax-ECO-Series-2306-6S-1700KV-4S-2400KV-Brushless-Motor-for-RC-Drone-FPV-Racing-p-1415430.html

Brand name: Emax
Item name: ECO series 2306 brushless motor
KV: 1700KV, 2400KV (option)
Framework: 12N14P
Length: 30.2mm
Diameter: 27.7mm
No. of cells: 3-4s 2300-2700kv range
No. of cells: 3-6s 1500-1900kv range
Propeller: 5″ – 6″
Light Weight: 28.3g (W/O Silicone Wire)
Prop adapter: M5
Bearing Shaft: 4mm
Shaft Thread: CW

-EZO bearing 9mm ODx4mm ID
-Steel shaft
-Dual anodizing
-16x16mm hole pattern
-Multi copper winding
-115mm 20 AWG silicone wire 

Package included:
1x ECO series 2306 brushless motor

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