EMAX LS2206 and LS2207 motors

EMAX is about to release their newest motor line – LS2206 and LS2207 Lite Spec. This is a new line of motors that features reduced weight (thus “Lite” is in the naming) and top performace. Reducing the weight was possible by open base design and lightened aluminium-steel shaft. Open base design also increases the cooling of the stator and coils. Better cooling = more power. These motor come in variety of KV options: 2206 sized motors have 2300KV, 2550KV and 2700KV while 2207 sized motors come in 1900KV, 2400KV and 2550KV. So everyone is free to choose the right KV for their use. Both motors eill have: 0.15mm silicon steel laminations, aluminum shaft with hardened steel core, 1.8mm N48SH ARC magnets, screw in the shaft for bell capture.

Interesting that EMAX LS2206, LS2207 will have new mounting pattern of 16x16mm. This will allow to make frames with smaller motor mount holes (exactly 16×16 instead of 16-19×16-19) and thus increasing the strength of the frame arms.

Despite being “Lite”, LS2206 and LS2207 motors will have 18AWG 120mm length silicon wires. As compared – other motors use 20AWG wires.

The weight is 28g for the LS2206 and 30g for LS2207. All new EMAX motors have only CW rotation thread on the prop shaft.




  • NSK high efficiency bearings
  • 0.15mm silicon steel laminations
  • Aluminum shaft with hardened steel core
  • 1.8mm N48SH ARC Magnets
  • Screw capture for bell. Easy to service
  • Stealth black anodized color, with silver beveled edges
  • Reduced base size. Lower the weight and easier to make sure not to short your wires with long screws.
  • 16mm x 16mm mounting holes ( 19×16 is the past) future frames don’t need to have slotted mounting holes.
  • 120mm 18AWG wire. Testing has shown a 5% increase in performance with thicker gauged wire. Compared from 20AWG wire.
  • New bell design with upper and lower beam support to reduce damage from collapse of impacts.
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