Fat Shark 101 Quadcopter Starter Kit

FatShark has released FPV quadcopter kit – Fatshark 101. This kit is targeted for beginners to jump start into FPV racing world. Kit includes Brushed Quadcopter, Transmitter and Fatshark Recon Goggles. Kit also includes 2 gates for setting up a simple race track. Spare propellers, spare motors and 2 batteries are also included. Batteries are charged via simple USB charger. Transmitter has nice full-sized gimbals, two 3-position switches. One 3-position switch on the transmitter is for selecting the flight mode that determines the flight behavior of the quad. The 3 flight modes are: beginner, intermediate, and pro. Beginner mode is self levelled horizon mode. Intermediate mode disables self levelling and leave only angle mode (also known as Acro). Pro mode increases rates for more advanced pilots. Quadcopter has an USB socket built in that allows you to connect to your computer and change the further parameters (like PID’s, rates, etc) using Betaflight Configurator.

With registration, each kit comes with free access to the Drone Racing League simulator (a $20 value) and three months of free Academy of Model Aeronautics membership + insurance. The radio plugs directly into a computer for direct integration with the DRL simulator and can also be used to pilot the quad in stabilized or advanced mode.


Some videos



Can be purchased @ GetFPV: https://www.getfpv.com/fat-shark-101-fpv-drone-training-system.html

@ Banggood: https://www.banggood.com/Fat-Shark-101-Micro-FPV-RC-Drone-…-p-1243206.html

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