FrSky and Flysky 2in1 receiver – URUAV UX14

Impossible seems to be possible. FrSky and Flysky together in one receiver? Possible! URUAV has released the new receiver that has both incompatible receiver types in one device – UX14 receiver.

There is not much of information available, but we can see that this receiver has CC2500 and A7105(6)? chips and PA/LNA amplifier chips on board. Both receivers have diversity antenna connectors. So total of four (!) IPEX1 (u.fl) antenna connectors. 

It is not known if these two different receivers work simultaneously or can you disable one to use another?  What FrSky protocols does it support? D16, FCC, EU-LBT?
Telemetry – what and how? Too many questions. Hope we will have the answers soon.



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Name: URUAV UX14 2in1 Receiver
Dimension: 36mm*36mm*6mm
Mounting hole size: 30.5mm*30.5mm with M3 hole
Weight: 4g
Channels: SBUS CH1-CH16 (Frsky mode)
IBUS CH1-CH14 (Flysky mode)
Operating Range: About 800 meter
Operating voltage: 5V

Frsky and Flysky receiver 2in1
SBUS and IBUS output low latency
Lighter weight
Easy to add the receiver to a 30.5mmx30.5mm Flytower
Compatible With F3 / F4 series flight controller

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