iFlight Beast F745 and H743 AIO toothpick FC

iFlight has released a photo with the upcoming new Beast series F745 and H743 toothpick flight controllers. These two boards have similar pad layout, but different MCU and different MOSFETs. The first has F745 MCU and 45A rated MOSFETS and the second has H743 MCU and 55A rated MOSFETs. Both boards are the first F745 and H743 toothpick class AIO flight controllers in the market. They are also the first flight controllers that have BGA (Ball Grid Array) MCU chip on board. 

iFlight Beast F745 and H743 FC are compatible with DJI Air and Caddx Vista digital FPV system. They accept 2-6S battery input, have 4 UARTS and also have high accuracy DPS310 barometer integrated on board.

iFlight Beast F745 AIO toothpick FC

iFlight Beast H743 AIO toothpick FC

These are the most sophisticated Toothpick Flight Controller boards so far. 

iFlight Beast F7 45A F745 AIO connection diagram: https://shop.iflight-rc.com/image/catalog/product/Beast/Beast-F7-V1.2-Wiring-Diagram.png

iFlight Beast H7 55A H743 AIO connection diagram: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1126/9610/products/Beast-H7-55AAIO-WiringDiagram_3700x.png

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Beast F7 45A:



Beast H7 55A:



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