iFlight SucceX F4 Whoop Flight Controller

iFlight jumps into tiny whoop – toothpick hype train and releases their version of the TinyWhoop style SucceX F4 AIO FC board with 12A ESCs

The most interesting features that this FC stand out from the others are on-board 8Mb flash chip for blackbox logs and stackable VTX board. VTX has 25/100/200mW of the RF power output. Board also has current sensor, 5V 2A voltage regulator and accepts 2-4S battery input. The board layout somehow look very similar to GEPRC GEP-12A Whoop Flight Controller.


Available @

iFlight: https://www.iflight-rc.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=86_93&product_id=848

Banggood: FC: https://www.banggood.com/IFlight-SucceX-Whoop-F4-2-4S-Flight-Controller-AIO-OSD-BEC-Built-in-12A-BL_S-ESC-for-RC-Drone-FPV-Racing-p-1485838.html

FC+VTX: https://www.banggood.com/IFlight-SucceX-Whoop-F4-2-4S-Flight-Controller-Built-in-12A-BL_S-ESC-25100200mW-VTX-for-RC-Drone-FPV-Racing-p-1485840.html


Name: SucceX F4 Flight Controller
-Input voltage 2-4S Lipo
-Gyro: ICM-20689
-2x UART ports
-OSD inbuilt
-Baro: NO
-Blackbox FLASH: 8MB
-BEC 5V 2A cont.
-Mounting holes:φ3mm 25.5*25.5mm
-Weight: 6.1g
-BF target : IFRC/IFF411PRO(STM32F411)
Current Scale: 210

Built-in SucceX Mirco 12A ESC
-Firmware: Blheli_S G-H-30
-Input voltage : 2-4S LIPO
-Continuous current: 12A
-MCU: BB21F16G
-BEC : None
-ESC protocol: pwm, oneshot125, multishot, dshot150, 300, 600, etc.

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