Matek F405-CTR – a remake of F405-AIO

Mateksys is baking new flight controllers as cakes. This time it is F405-CTR – a remake of the the first Matek AIO flight controller F405-AIO. The main MCU is the same, STM32F405, it also has OSD, current sensor, microSd card slot, 5V BEC, but a lot of things was changed. New F405-CTR now has MPU6000 (working in SPI mode, 8Khz loop time) instead of the IMU20602, that was extremely sensitive and causing problems in some setups. BMP280 barometer was added. 6 PWM/DShot outputs, VCP and 5 UARTS are available on this board. There are  I2C pads for external sensors and DAC pad for FPV camera settings control. Every ESC has its own + and – pads on the each corner as well as signal and RX5 pads for ESC telemetry.

The Matek F405-CTR comes with integrated silicone grommets for dampening like in the all of the latest Matek boards.

Can be purchased @ Banggood:…p-1165338.html

FC Specifications

  • MCU: 168MHz STM32F405
  • IMU: MPU6000 accelerometer / gyro (SPI)
  • Baro: BMP280 (I2C)
  • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w / AT7456E chip
  • Blackbox: MicroSD card slot (SD / SDHC)
  • Built in inverter for SBUS input (UART2-RX)
  • PPM / UART Shared: UART2-RX
  • SoftSerial on TX2, S5 or S6 optional
  • Camera control on S6 or DAC optional
  • Smartaudio & Tramp VTX protocol supported
  • WS2812 Led Strip: Yes
  • Beeper: Yes
  • RSSI: Yes


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