Racerstar BR0703C brushless micro motor

Recently Racerstar released new 6mm stator sized motor BR0603C and now they are releasing its bigger brother BR0703C. It also comes in higher KV ratings 17000KV, 19000KV, 22000KV and also has shaft fixed with two e-clips instead of hard pressing or laser welding. This ensures that motor bell will not slipp prom the shaft. Another differencied from the previous versions: motor mount pattern is 6.6mm instead of 5.5 mmmounting screw size is 1.4mm instead of 1.6mm. Motor weight has increased from 1.9 to 2.2 grams due to the bigger base, thicker shaft , e-clips and etc. 

The good news it is almost 30% cheaper then its predecessor BR0703B motor! But how good are they? Stay tuned for the thrust tests of this motor!

Available @ Banggood:

Blue: https://www.banggood.com/Racerstar-BR0703C-0703-1S-17000KV-19000KV-22000KV-Blue-FPV-Racing-Brushless-Motor-p-1345981.html

Red: https://www.banggood.com/Racerstar-BR0703C-0703-1S-17000KV-19000KV-22000KV-Red-FPV-Racing-Brushless-Motor-p-1345519.html

Item name: BR0703C
KV: 17000KV, 19000KV , 22000KV
Colour: Red
Shaft Diameter: 1mm
Stator Diameter: 7mm
Stator Length: 3mm
Motor Dimension(Dia.*Len): Φ10mm*15.4mm
Terminals: JST1.25mm
NO. of Cells(Lipo): 1S
Wire length(include connector): 40mm
Weight: 2.2g

Double E-clip design, prevent Motor bell to flying off
Good Dynamic balance
Compatible for UR75/ Snapper7 Quadcopter

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