Rumors: DYS Storm 2207 is comming

DYS posted a message with a DYS Storm brushless motor teaser. The outlook of this motor is similar to DYS Fire motor. We guess that Storm is 2207 sized 2500KV motor. No more data available.
Some pictures of this upcomming motor:

EDIT(2017-03-01): Finally DYS have announced this motor – it is 2207 sized motor. Stator lamination – 0.1mm, same purple design and most interesting is “TITANIUM” shaft. Is it really made of titanium or is it just reinforced steel – not known yet. Notice it has C-clip on the shaft instead of the screw on the DYS Fire:

EDIT (2017-03-07): This motor is listed on Banggood now. It is available in three versions 2300KV, 2550KV and wooping 3000KV:


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