RunCam Racer 4 – analog & digital FPV camera

RunCam has released Racer 4 camera. This camera is able to work as analog FPV and as digital DJI FPV camera. It is compatible with DJI Air and Vista digital systems. Camera has 8MP 7G 1.8MM lens with 160° FOV

This is the first RunCam digital FPV camera. This camera is great for the builds even if you still fly analog FPV system as they can be easier upgraded to the digital FPV system in the future. Switch to the digital with the same camera!

Edit 2020-08-18: Caddx has released the public statement, saying that RunCam has blatantly copied the Caddx Nebula camera design. Therefore they will block the RunCam Racer 4 product UID making it NOT to work with Caddx Vista digital system.

Edit 2020-08-19: Here is the RunCam response to Caddx statement:

And the DJI response clears everything up: 


Interesting that RunCam has completely rewritten Racer 4 user manual and removed any mentions to compatibility with the DJI Digital FPV system. I’ve managed to take a few screenshots before this manual dissappeared.

There is a connector for digital ribbon cable inside the camera case. Camera can be used as analog or digital FPV camera. 


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RunCam Racer 4 User Manual:


Model: RunCam Racer 4
Image Sensor: Super WDR CMOS Sensor
Resolution Analog: 1000TVL Digital: 1280*720@60fps
Lens: 1.8mm FOV160°
Shutter: Rolling Shutter
One Touch Scene Setting: Personal / Lightrax
Menu Control: Cable Control / Remote Control Switchable
Power Analog: DC 5-36V Digital: DC 3.3V
Current Analog: 110mA@5V Digital: 350mA@3.3V
Housing Material ABS
Weight: 6g
Dimensions: L19mm*W19mm*H20mm

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