SPC Maker F411 25A whoop FC

SPC Maker is about to release the most powerfull whoop flight controller currently in the market – SPC Maker F411 25A AIO FC. It is rated to provide up to 25A (40A burst) for each of the  motor! That is insane amount of the current. Board supports 2-4S battery input, has all the useful features – MPU6000 via SPI, Betaflight OSD, current sensor, inverted and uninverted RX inputs, RX2/TX2 pads and I2C interface (SDA/SCL). SPC Maker flight controller has also programmable LED and Buzzer pads. 

Despite the manufacturer stating that the board has motor sockets with gold plated pins, I think these little motor socket can really melt under the full rated current 25A! If only the SPC Maker would have made motor solder tabs – it would have been the perfect board for power toothpicks (3-4-5 inch).


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Flight controller parameters:
CPU: STM32F411CEU6(100MHZ)
OSD: AT7456E
Black box: 8M Flash Winbond
LED: Supports WS2812 and other programmable
Sensor: Built-in current sensor 100
Firmware version: Betaflight SPCMAKERF411 (SPCM)
Receiver: Frsky/Futaba/Flysky/TBS Crossfire/DSMX | DSM2 Receiver
Dimensions: 31.4 * 31.4mm (25.5mm mounting hole)
Weight: 7g

ESC parameters:
Protocol support: PWM, Oneshot 125, Oneshot 42, Multishot, Dshot150, Dshot300, Dshot600
Input Voltage: 2S-4S Lipo
Continuous current: 25A
Peak current: 40A
Firmware version: BLHELI _ S/JESC  (G_H_30)
Motor connector: 1.25mm copper plated terminal

Product Features:
1. PCB adopts 6 layers of 2OZ thickened copper sheet, which has stronger over-current ability.
2. MOS adopts Toshiba imported 40V high current resistance MOS with long life and strong load capacity.
3. The motor connection plug is made of pure copper gold plated, high reliable and high temperature resistant socket, with stronger over current capacity and higher connection reliability.


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