SPRacing H7RF FC with ExpressLRS

Dominic Clifton, the creator of the Cleanflight and SPRacing brand, has designed a new top of the line flight controller SPRacing H7RF. Board has H730 MCU, the fastest currently on the market, running on 520MHz operating frequency. H7RF has TDK ICM42688P gyro and ExpressLRS 2.4 GHz Long Range receiver on board. This flight controller has graphic PixelOSD overlay on the video feed as well as RealPit switch. There are also 5 UARTS2x 4in1 ESC sockets, SD Card slot, Flash chip for firmware and many more. The SPRacing H7RF board can be mounted in 30x30mm and 20x20mm stacks.

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SPRacing H7 ERLS FC User manual: http://seriouslypro.com/files/SPRacingH7RF-Manual-latest.pdf

STM32H730 CPU, 520MHz inc FPU with ECC
• 2.4Ghz RF receiver IC directly connected to the CPU via SPI for lowest stick-to-motors latency possible. Designed for
ExpressLRS RC system
• SPRacing Pixel OSD with customizable layout, profiles and configuration menu system. Double buffered and capable
of 60FPS (NTSC) or 50FPS (PAL)
• Very low-noise ICM42688P accelerometer/gyro (connected via SPI)
BMP388 High-precision Barometer – bottom mounted for wind isolation (I2C + interrupt)
2MByte 16MBit NOR flash via OctoSPI
MicroSD card slot (SD/SDHC, up to 32GB) connected via 4-Bit SDIO
• High quality 1.4mm thick 6-layer copper gold-plated PCB with snap-off sections
2-8S BEC 5V 2A Switching regulator.
• TVS protection diode.
• High-current 3V switching regulator with extra filter capacitors for sensors
• Buzzer circuitry
• RSSI Analog and PWM circuit
• 8 motor outputs with 2 4in1ESC connectors (JST-SH 10pin)
• 4 sets of 2mm pitch break-out through holes for stacking VTXs or other peripherials
• 1x SPI breakout onto stacking connector
5 Serial Ports (4x TX+RX + 1x TX only bi-directional for ESC Telemetry)
• 4 LEDs for 5V, 3V and STATUS A/B (Green, Blue, Red, Orange)
• 37x37mm PCB with 30.5mm and 20mm mounting hole patterns
• 27x27mm PCB after break-off PCB sections (left/right/bottom) are removed
• 4mm mounting holes for soft-mount grommets and M3 bolts
• MicroUSB socket for configuration and ESC programming

Package contents
• Supplied with 4x soft-mount grommets
• Optionally supplied with 2x Audio/Video JST-SH cables. (Camera Input, VTX Output)
• Optionally supplied with IO cables. (for GPS, etc)
• Optional receiver cables for FrSky XSR receivers and 3-pin style receivers available
• 2x sets of 4 solder pads for ESC connections (Bi-Directional DSHOT compatible, 8 motors + 2x TLM + 2x Current)
• 2x sets of 4 solder pads for ESC connections under the connectors! (Same signals as connectors and other pads)
• 4x special solder pads with through-holes for Camera In + Camera OSD
• 4x special solder pads with through-holes for Audio+Video Out (VTX)
• 1x 4 pin JST-SH connector for LED Strip and BUZZER.
• 1x 4 pin JST-SH connector for SWD debugging.
• 1x 12 pin JST-SH connector for 3 UARTS + I2C + 5VBEC + 5V for IO connections.
• 1x 10 pin JST-SH connector for Camera/VTX/UART3/GPIO/Camera Control connections.
• 1x 4pin though-holes for pin headers for UART4 RX/TX
• 1x 8pin though-holes for pin headers for UART8 RX/TX
• 1x 4pin though-holes for pin headers for Camera (GND/Power/Video IN/Camera Control).
• 1x 4pin though-holes for pin headers for VTX (GND/Power/Video OUT/VTX Control (TLM) via UART3).
• 1x Side-press BIND button (top mounted).
• 2x 5V/BATTERY voltage selectors for Camera and VTX outputs
• SP Racing logo
• 1x Additional easter eggs!

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