TBS Crossfire Micro version 2 TX

TBS has upgraded one of their most popular products Crossfire Micro Transmitter module to version 2. So what was changed or upgraded?

The first change is the antenna. Crossfire Micro V2 TX now has TBS Crossfire Stock Tx Antenna V2 fixed to the module. This is most likely done to comply the FCC requirements. In fact the module itself has the SMA connector and you can replace the antenna by just unscrewing the 2 screws holding the antenna connector cap.

Another change is micro USB connector replaced by USB-C type connector. Industry is slowly transiting to this USB connector type on all the RC products.

Inside the TX module there is fully redesigned single board PCB. On the RF part of the PCB you can find main LoRa chip is Semtech SX1272  RF transciever and the new Skyworks 66420-11 RF power amplifier. Datasheet says that this amplifier is capable of outputting up to the 500mW of the RF power. Currently Crossfire Micro TX V2 is limited to 250mW of RF power output. Maybe the  future firmware updates will enable the true power of this new module.

The power amplifier and receiving section of the RF board part was completely redesigned. On previous TX there were two micro chips – one power amplifier and the switching circuit for transmit and receive. Now everything is done by Skyworks 66420-11 front end micro chip. Two 868/915 MHz filters were added for less interference while receiving and less harmonics while transmitting.

Watch the brilliant tear down and review video by Livyu FPV:

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