TBS Mambo radio with Tracer inside

Team BlackSheep Mambo radio transmitter is the first radio with Built-in Tracer TX module. 

TBS Mambo radio size is bigger than compact radios (like Tango 2, Jumper T12, Radiomaster TX12) but slightly smaller than full size radios (like Jumper T16, Radiomaster TX16S, Taranis X9D). TBS calls it “full size compact radio”. 

You can find the standard JR external module bay on the back of the radio. You can equip it with the Crossfire, Multiprotocol or any other JR sized module.

There are rubber grips on the sides of the Mambo radio. Also there is USB-C charging and data port on the bottom of the radio.

TBS Mambo radio has dial wheel for easy navigation in FreedomTX menus.

TBS Mambo has the same full size gimbals as in the TBS Tango 2.

There are two push buttons on the top side of the radio, like it is in the TBS Tango 2.

TBS Mambo Ethix Special Edition radio

There is the TBS Mambo Ethix Special Edition radio with a few notable changes that are more tailored to the likings of Mr. Steele & Konasty pilots. 

The Ethix Special Edition radio has gun metal coloring theme with more gritty texture for added grip.

Switches have anti slip rubber caps. Notice the potentiometer pot with “SEND” and “11” markings – this is special Mr. Steele design.

There is extra grips on the sides of the radio.

Stick ends have special crown design.

TBS Mambo Ethix Edition has retractable kicks-stand in the back.

And comes with the Ethix neck strap.

Tango 2, Tango 2 Pro, Mambo and Mambo Ethix comparison

Here is the comparison table of the latest TBS transmitters.

Inside the TBS Mambo radio

All the TBS Mambo radio electronics fit in on the one single board. Even the switches are soldered onto the same board. Mambo radio has integrated PCB antenna and the U.FL connector for optional external antenna.

TBS Mambo inside PCB - picture by LIVYU

I recommend to watch LIVYU video for TBS Mambo teardown and review of the inner side of the radio.

TBS Mambo Radio User Manual: https://www.team-blacksheep.com/tbs-mambo-manual.pdf

TBS Mambo is available @



TBS mambo Ethix Special Edition is available @

  TBS: https://www.team-blacksheep.com/products/prod:ethix_mambo



  • TBS Tracer built-in
    • CRSF V3 protocol support for lowest latency and most direct response of any remote control available
    • Range of up to 25km / 15mi
    • Built-in antenna for ultimate ruggedness
    • External antenna available as add-on
  • Full size, ball bearing hall sensor gimbals
    • Configurable resistance and tension
    • Adjustable throttle & pitch throw (+/- 10 degrees)
    • Spare spring set included for lower tension
  • Ergonomic shell design with grippy rubber edges
    • 4x 3-position switches
    • 2x potentiometer with center notch
    • 1x 2-position switches
    • 1x momentary button
    • 4x digital trim buttons
  • Perfectly balanced lanyard mount
  • Up to 12 channels supported
  • Parallel 18650 x 2 (not included!) with USB-C 2A charging (2.5 hours for full charge)
  • Speech audio output with audio jack & haptic vibration alert
  • Open Source remote control operating system (FreedomTX, temporary fork of OpenTX)
  • Rocker dial and 3 button menu for super simple navigation
  • High resolution (128*64) black & white LCD screen w/ backlight
  • 100+ model memory with included SD-card
  • TBS Cloud compatible


  • Weight: 565g
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 
  • Audio: 1W speaker & 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Display: 3.5” LCD panel (128 x 64)
  • Antenna: Embedded antenna
  • Switches: 4 x 3pos | 1 x 2pos | 1 x Momentary
  • USB-C Port: Battery charging (5V, 2A), Firmware upgrades & Simulator / HID


  • 1 x TBS Mambo remote control
  • 1 x Springs Set (Lower Tension)
  • 2 x Throttle limitation screws (with allen key)


  • 1 x Ethix Mambo
  • 1 x TBS Mambo remote control
  • 1 x Springs Set (Lower Tension)
  • 2 x Throttle limitation screws (with allen key)
  • 1 x Custom CNC Kickstand
  • 1 x Ethix Sticker Sheet
  • 1 x Ethix Neck Strap V2

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