Weekly news, new products: Week 52

Weekly news. This is compilation of the new products, news and other interesting events in the RC industry that appeared last week. 


Free BLHeli_S firmware with bidirectional DSHOT and 48kHz PWM mode.

One of the most interesting news is that bidirectional DSHOT is now available on the BLHeli_s ESC’s for free. A developer, called  JazzMaveric implemented the bidirectional DSHOT in the BLHeli_S firmware . This means you can have the bidirection DSHOT ans RPM filtering on almost any BLHeli_S ESC.

You can read the BLHeli_S thread on the RCGroups https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2640796-BLHeli_S-Smooth-as-Silk/page358

See also my guide how to flash the JazzMaveric firmware to BLHeli_s ESC.


BetaFPV Meteor75

BetaFPV released Meteor75, the newest 75mm whoop which features 18000 high KV 1102 motors with BT2.0 450mAH battery.



GEPRC Dolphin ToothPick Drone 4inch

GEPRC listed new 4 inch quad called Dolphin Toothpick Drone153mm wheelbase, GEP-20A-F4 AIO flight controller, using a 1507 motor with HQ 4×4.3×3 V1S propeller, 136 grams without battery weight,  4S-650 ~ 850mAh battery recommended)



Diatone Mamba FC/ESC stack

Diatone released 5 new boards and 5 new stacks:


New Mamba F35 4-6S ESC: https://www.diatone.us/collections/esc/products/esc-mamba-f35-hv-3-6s-4-in-1-blheli_s

New Mamba F50 4-6S ESC: https://www.diatone.us/collections/esc/products/mamba-f50-dshot300-600-4in1-esc-50a-6s-30-30mm

New Mamba F60PRO 4-6S ESC: https://www.diatone.us/collections/esc/products/mamba-f60pro-dshot1200-4in1-esc-60a-6s-30-30mm

New Mamba F405DJI FC: https://www.diatone.us/collections/flightcontroller/products/mamba-f405dji-flight-controller

New Mamba F405US MINI MK3 FC: https://www.diatone.us/collections/electronic-system/products/mamba-f405us-mini-mk3

New Mamba F405DJI F50 STACK: https://www.diatone.us/collections/mamba-stack/products/mamba-f405dji-f50-stack

New Mamba F405DJI F50PRO STACK: https://www.diatone.us/collections/mamba-stack/products/mamba-f405dji-f50pro-stack-3-6s

New Mamba F405 F50 STACK: https://www.diatone.us/collections/mamba-stack/products/mamba-f405-f50-stack-3-6s

New Mamba F722S F60PRO STACK: https://www.diatone.us/collections/mamba-stack/products/mamba-f722s-stack-f60pro-3-6s

New Mamba F405US MINI MK3 F35 STACK: https://www.diatone.us/collections/electronic-system/products/mamba-f405us-mk3-mini-stack-4-6s

And there is a promotion for 28% discount with “Mamba Hello 2020” coupon code for these new products.


FLYWOO Bluetooth module

FLYWOO listed the Smallest and lightest BT-NANO bluetooth module for connecting the flight controllers with Betaflight and other configurators wirelessly.
Input voltage : 3.3-5v
Transmission distance : 7M
Baud Rate: 115200
Size: 13.2X11.8mm
Weight: 0.4g


DalProp Nepal N1 propeller

DalProp has released new propeller Nepal N1 for freestyle

The design is inspired by the Nepal knife Kukri and the widely used Sweep-back wing of planes and the spiral wing of vessels. 


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